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Synovum Customer Services Commitment

Synovum aims to respond to all general communications, whether by telephone, email or any other means within one standard business hour of receipt of your enquiry. We guarantee that we will respond to your enquiry within 48 standard business hours.


Our standard business hours are 09:00  to 17:30 Monday to Friday excluding statutory (England) Bank & Public holidays


Please direct any formal complaints in writing to our Complaints Resolution Team. Your complaint will be acknowledged within one standard business day. The detail of your complaint will be discussed with the manager/team/department to whom the complaint refers and, wherever possible, a reasonable offer to resolve the complaint will be made in writing to you (the customer) within five standard business days.

If the offer to resolve the complaint is refused, the matter will be escalated to a director within Synovum and you will be provided with a further response within ten standard business days from that date.


If the situation cannot be resolved between you (the customer) and Synovum, we will seek independent arbitration whether from the regulatory body which controls the activity in question or from a third party. In such circumstances, Synovum Limited commits to be bound by the findings of the arbitration panel.


Synovum's complaint resolution procedure does not adversely affect nor contradict your statutory rights.


Any complaints should be made via email to

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