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Cyber Capability Assessment

As part of any organisation's commitment to improve its cyber security, it should implement an assessment of its current security capabilities in many areas in order to provide a baseline.


This baseline assessment can be utilised to be provide a measurement of improvement for the organisation in terms of governance, process, user education, or implementation of technical or physical controls to minimise risk to the organisation. Improvement is only possible if organisations have an initial established position or benchmark from which to measure change. 

Synovum's cyber-capability assessment (CCA) can assist your organisation in building an effective  security programme, which will help  minimise exposure to cyber risk, and ensure a clear strategy for handling future incidents while maintaining a process for continual improvement and monitoring.​

Consideration would be given to the following areas as part of our CCA:

  • Cyber security policies and procedures;

  • Governance and risk management;

  • Regulatory/legal compliance requirements;

  • Asset management;

  • HR/administrative processes relating to security;

  • Access control measures;

  • Physical security;

  • Network/communication security;

  • Incident response planning/management;

  • Organisational internet footprint.


​​Following identification of any gaps through the CCA, a Security Improvement Plan (SIP) will be developed which provides a foundation for setting priorities, assigning ownership, allocating investments of time, money and human resources and for measuring and improving compliance with the guidelines. 

Please contact us for further information regarding a CCA that we can carry out for your organisation.

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