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Virtual Cyber Security Manager (vCySM™)

It is crucial for organisations of all sizes and sectors to be able to manage and co-ordinate all activities relating to cyber security, in order to be able to successfully manage the risk to its information assets and ensure continued confidentiality, integrity and availability.

For organisations not having the requisite knowledge, skills or experience in this area, we offer a virtual Cyber Security Manager (vCySM™) service.


Our vCySM™ service can provide your organisation with the following benefits:

  • Trusted advice from an experienced and professionally certified security professional to address existing and evolving cyber threats;

  • Dedicated point of contact for all security-related issues and regulatory/legal compliance;

  • Cyber security input/leadership in management meetings/committees;

  • Liaison with board level/senior management;

  • Creation, review and optimisation of GRC (governance, risk, compliance) documentation and processes;

  • Assistance in selection of appropriate security technologies and project management for their implementation;

  • Planning and co-ordination and management of technical assessment activities;

  • Planning and co-ordination of employee awareness training programme;

  • Planning and support during audit-related activities;

  • Creation and review of incident response plans together with post-incident response;

  • Managed implementation of programmes to comply with and be certified to international security standards/frameworks.


In terms of service options, we offer a flexible engagement model to meet your requirements:

  1. Short-term engagement for completion of specific security-related task;

  2. Retained engagement on a monthly contract basis;

  3. Security project implementation over extended period.

Please contact us for more information regarding your vCySM™ requirements. 

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